Bild der SwissTennis Arena

Bring light into play

Our latest references in Sports

Tennis and sports center Visp – three Tennis Courts
Tennispark Haugraben – five Tennis Courts
TC Derendingen – six Tennis Courts
TC Renens – four Tennis Courts
TC Chamblon – two Tennis Courts
sports and events center Rigihalle – Ice Hockey
Tennis center Halsrüti AG – two Tennis Courts
TC Ruopigenmoos – three Tennis Courts
TC Risch-Rotkreuz – three Tennis Courts

We don't lead you on to black ice!

Ice Rinks with the best LED lighting.

The sports and event center Rigihalle
in the heart of Switzerland was equipped with a high-quality
EOLED lighting solution.

Using our latest generation LED lights,
we deliver solutions for the most demanding sports lighting.

Industriehalle der Biplast AG in Sitterdorf

LED systems for production facilities and warehouses

Customized LED industrial lighting

Foto des Innenraums der TopPharm-Apotheke Brentano Wildegg.

Our references

TopPharm Pharmacy Brentano in Möriken-Wildegg


Important notes about the delivery of products

The Covid 19 pandemic has drastically changed the situation for material deliveries since April 2021. While previously a delivery time of 3-4 weeks was to be expected, it is now around 9-12 weeks from order. There are several reasons for [...]


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