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Lighting Solutions for Sports Centers

Depending on the game, different lighting scenarios of a court or field are required at sports centers. The lighting systems from EOLED can be tailored to the needs of athletes.

Sports centers offer visitors the opportunity to practice a variety of different sports. General lighting is usually not enough to optimally support the athletes. The lighting is therefore often geared to the type of sport that places the highest demands on the athletes’ visual performance.

Customizable Illumination

EOLED plans the lighting in sports centers so that it fully meets the requirements of the individual sports and their associations. In particular, avoiding glare, uniform illumination of the playing field and visual comfort are key points of focus when developing the lighting system. EOLED uses elegant solutions with a variety of mounting options. The old lights can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. EOLED develops lighting in consultation with the operators and users of the centers, so that they meet individual wishes and needs.

Diverse fields of application

EOLED uses specially developed LED lights to illuminate sports centers. The lighting elements of the luminaires can be specifically controlled and thus playing fields can be individually illuminated as required. In addition, LED lights from EOLED can be flexibly adapted to spatial conditions and are therefore well suited for installation in sports halls. Another advantage ist hat the LED lights are particularly energy efficient and require very little maintenance despite their long lifespan. This lowers the operating costs considerably.

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Lighting Systems for Ice Rinks

Various winter sports that require different lighting conditions are trained in ice rinks. EOLED lighting systems for ice rinks are cold-resistant and suitable for all sports.

The lighting concept in ice rinks is often geared towards the sport with the highest demands on visual performance. This then accounts for the requirements of other winter sports as well. When planning the lighting for an ice rink, factors such as glare from the shiny surface of the ice and a well lit playing area are crucial so players and supporters can track and follow small details such as the puck in a game of Ice Hockey.

Targeted Illumination for Ice Rinks

In order to meet the various requirements of the sports practiced in ice rinks, EOLED develops specific lighting solutions that can be adapted to the needs of athletes. The lighting systems from EOLED have an optical glare protection and when combined with targeted alignment of the lights, shadows and reflections on the ice are prevented. By illuminating the spectator stands, the spectators can perceive details and thus easily follow the competition on the ice.

Resource-saving Lighting System

EOLED lights for ice rinks use the latest generation of LEDs. The lights have a long service life with minimal power consumption, which is why they are particularly cost and energy efficient. In addition, LED lights from EOLED only develop low surface heat, which makes them ideal for ice rinks. The wide range of possible uses for EOLED LED lights means that the most demanding lighting systems for ice rinks can be implemented, which fully meet the specific requirements of the individual sports.

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Lighting Systems for Outdoor Tennis Courts

Tennis places a high demand on the visual performance of players. A homogeneous court illumination is therefore particularly important. EOLED specializes in lighting outdoor tennis courts.

When lighting outdoor tennis courts, there are a few factors to consider: The playing field and the air above the court must be evenly illuminated, the ball must be in clear contrast to the court and the players must not be dazzled when playing. However, the lighting must also meet certain requirements away from the playing area and must not illuminate neighboring residential areas. It must also guarantee the highest possible protection for the animal world that often surrounds these areas, because artificial light can irritate insects, bats and birds. Careful lighting planning is therefore essential.

Tailored Lighting Solutions

EOLED is a specialist in the lighting of outdoor tennis courts. Thanks to many years of experience and close cooperation with court builders, EOLED has developed lighting systems that are tailored to local conditions and guarantee the highest level of comfort for the athletes. The lights meet the requirements for top-class tournament courts, but can be used in recreational sporting events. With minimal scattered light, they protect the flora and fauna of the area and thus contribute to effective protection of the environment.

Focus on Sustainability

LED lights from EOLED are particularly sustainable and cost-efficient, as they hardly require any energy and can be used for a long time. In addition, unlike conventional energy-saving lamps, they do not contain any harmful substances. The use of artificial lighting must be carefully planned, based on the requirements of the sports associations and the guidelines of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). As a lighting expert, EOLED helps with the planning and implementation of outdoor tennis courts and, thanks to local service teams, guarantees their smooth operation throughout the season.

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Lighting Concepts for Stadiums

Stadium lighting is essential for large competitions. EOLED lighting solutions for stadiums combine both ecological and economic aspects and can be adapted to individual needs.

Good lighting in stadiums reveals details such as faces and balls and does not hinder the athletes with glare. The lighting must meet international TV broadcasting standards as well as the requirements of the various associations and environmental protection organizations. Because artificial light can affect the biological rhythm of plants and animals. Careful and well-founded lighting planning is essential.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

For over ten years EOLED has been developing sustainable lighting solutions for stadiums. Thanks to this well-founded experience, EOLED can design individual lighting systems according to the wishes of the respective stadium operators and users and at the same time fully meet the requirements of the associations and even exceed them in terms of environmental protection. The lighting systems from EOLED guarantee homogeneous illumination of the playing field and the air space and minimize glare and scattered light, creating a comfortable visual environment for the athletes. In addition, EOLED also includes close by residential areas when planning the lighting system, since residents could feel disturbed by the stadium lighting. By precisely aligning the luminaires, EOLED takes precautionary measures to prevent the light from scattering into residential areas and thus counteracts possible complaints.

Ecological and Economic Aspects Combined

EOLED LED lights consume low amounts of energy and have a long service life. In addition, unlike conventional energy-saving lamps, the lights do not contain any pollutants and rarely require maintenance. This makes them an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for stadium operators. EOLED LED lights can be adapted to respond to local characteristics and individual needs in the lighting concept.

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Light Management in Membrane Halls

EOLED has extensive experience in lighting membrane halls. The selected LED lights are adapted to the purpose and can be easily assembled and dismantled with the halls.

Membrane halls are often set up for colder months and dismantled again at the beginning of the warmer seasons. The lighting should also meet this criteria of effortless assembly and disassembly. In addition, the lighting should be adapted to the purpose of the hall: A membrane hall for a warehouse requires different lighting than one that covers a sports field.

Diverse Combination Options

EOLED has extensive experience in lighting membrane halls for sports, warehouses and flight operations. By means of specially developed lighting systems, EOLED is able to equip membrane halls with high-quality light that can be flexibly adapted to the local conditions of the system and the wishes of the operators. The lighting solutions specially developed for membrane halls are easy to use and various housing options allow the combination of different luminaire models and, if necessary, easy expansion of the lighting. In membrane halls, EOLED attaches importance to homogeneous illumination and glare-free light, regardless of the purpose of the hall. In this way, the people who are in the hall should not be hindered in their work or in the practice of a sport.

Low Energy and Maintenance Costs

Membrane halls are relatively translucent, which should be included in the lighting planning. EOLED only uses LED lighting to illuminate membrane halls since they can be easily adapted to local lighting conditions. LED lights from EOLED also have the advantage of consuming little energy despite the high quality of light and being particularly robust. Your life expectancy increases noticeably without major maintenance.

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Lighting Concepts for Pharmacies

A well made lighting design creates a bright, engaging environment for pharmacies. EOLED develops lighting systems specifically for pharmacies that provide targeted support to staff in providing health advice.

The effect of light on the human body is often underestimated. Studies show that light is irreplaceable for human health and that specific lighting encourages people to pay attention when making sales and giving advice. This is an important finding, especially for pharmacies, where dispensing of medication is the order of the day and requires maximum concentration.

Specialized Lighting Concepts

In order to optimally support health, EOLED develops lighting concepts specifically for pharmacies that are based on the latest scientific findings. The lighting fulfills five key points: It promotes the concentration of the people in the room, serves as an orientation aid, emphasizes what the pharmacy has to offer, causes no glare and creates a pleasant atmosphere. This is relevant in pharmacies so that customers feel good on all levels – mind, body and soul. EOLED plans the lighting based on scientific findings and the needs of the people concerned and implements them using LED lighting.

High Energy and Cost Efficiency

In contrast to conventional lighting, EOLED LED lights do not heat up on the surface and hardly emit any heat. This benefits both the storage of medication in the pharmacy and the feeling of well-being for the customers. In addition, several key aspects of LED is their high quality of light, long service life and energy saving capabilities. For the commercial sector, this means a reduction in maintenance intervals and operating costs. The luminaires can be used flexibly in the room design which is why EOLED plans the lighting so that it is integrated into the room concept and complements it in style.

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Lighting Solutions for Agriculture

Animals and plants are particularly sensitive to artificial light. EOLED develops sustainable and animal-friendly lighting concepts especially for animal husbandry and plant production.

As it does on humans, light also has an impact on the animal and plant world. Studies show that with the right light intensity and optimal spectrum, it can support the health of the animals, promoting their fertility and increasing their well-being. In addition, diseases are recognized earlier and the quality of animal products are better. With plants, the right light shortens the harvest cycle and contributes to a positive development, so that the plants are healthier overall.

Specialized in Animal Welfare and Plant Production

EOLED develops lighting concepts especially for the agricultural sector, which are adapted to the respective operational focus; Crop or animal production. The focus is on optimizing animal welfare and plant production. EOLED deliberately uses LED lights, as these have some advantages over conventional neon tubes. For example, LED lights do not cause any flickering light, which has a negative effect on the behavior of the animals. Because cows recognize significantly more images per second than humans, which is why hectic movements and flickering light can frighten them. Likewise, the flickering irritates chickens and causes them to peck each other. Such stress reactions are prevented with LED lighting.

By using LED lights, EOLED can generate the right light spectrum for every stable area and support the animals’ biological rhythm. This stimulates activities such as feed intake and milk production. LED lighting also generates hardly any heat, which is why growing plants requires less cooling, water and fertilizer, and even growth is possible with low energy consumption. Another advantage of LED lighting is that in order to grow optimally, plants need special lighting temperatures and intensities. These can be specifically generated using LED lights from EOLED.

Maximum Energy and Cost Efficiency

The lighting systems from EOLED can be easily integrated into existing systems and the lighting can be adapted to the respective situation and season. In addition to their low energy consumption, LED lights from EOLED have a long service life, which is why the acquisition costs in agricultural operations are quickly amortized.

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Lighting Systems for Zoological Gardens

When lighting zoological facilities, a few factors must be taken into account in order not to damage flora and fauna. EOLED uses natural lighting systems for lighting in zoos.

Animals are particularly sensitive to artificial lighting. If the light is too strong or too low, the health of the animals suffers, both physically and mentally. Lighting adapted to the needs of the animals in the enclosure is essential in zoological gardens. At EOLED, animal welfare comes first, which is why the lighting design for zoological gardens is carefully based on the latest scientific findings.

Sustainable Lighting Solution

To avoid any negative effects on the animal and plant world, EOLED uses specially developed LED lighting systems to illuminate zoological gardens. These illuminate the enclosures uniformly and reduce glare from the viewing windows. LED lights from EOLED are very robust and have minimal energy consumption during their long service life, which makes them a sustainable and cost-friendly lighting solution for zoos. They can also be individually adapted to special circumstances and needs. This prevents the negative effects of artificial lighting on the animals and plants in the system.

Inconspicuous Integration

The light in zoological gardens should not distract the visitors from the actual animal observation, which is why EOLED integrates the lighting inconspicuously into the room design. The lighting solutions from EOLED can be used for both existing and new systems. Local service teams ensure that the lighting systems work smoothly and that the animals and plants have natural lighting conditions all year round.

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Lighting Solutions for Living Spaces

Light enhances the character and sets the mood for rooms in both public and private spaces. EOLED optimally supplements the natural light with artificial light in living rooms and thus promotes the health of the residents.

Light is essential for humans as it supports important biological processes in the body. Not only in the great outdoors, but also in the home, light has this character and activates and influences people’s moods. Too little light can have negative health effects, both mentally and physically. However, the natural light entering through the windows is usually not sufficient for optimal lighting of the entire room, which is why artificial light is added. This fulfills various functions: it underlines the character of the room, creates a mood and supports the eyes in their visual tasks. In order to optimize the biological effect of light on people, daylight and artificial lighting should complement each other. In addition, the combination of the two light sources can save energy and increase the quality of the lighting.

Individually Coordinated Lighting

EOLED attaches great importance to adapting the lighting to the individual residents in the room. LED lights are particularly well suited for this, as they can be tailored to meet needs and wishes. In order to relieve the eyes, EOLED specifically illuminates important work areas. In addition to optimally complementing daylight, EOLED lighting assists with orientation in the room by highlighting pieces of furniture.

Ecological and Aesthetic Lighting Concept

EOLED only uses LED lights to illuminate living spaces. These are very energy and cost efficient and, unlike conventional energy saving lights, do not contain any pollutants that pollute the environment. LED lights from EOLED also have a long lifespan in which they hardly need any maintenance. This means that your acquisition costs are quickly amortized. Another advantage of the lights is their flexible handling. This makes it possible to integrate the lighting inconspicuously into the architecture of the room and thus to stylishly complement the room concept.

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Light Management in Industry

In industrial companies, light has an impact on the error rate, productivity and the safety of employees. EOLED optimizes these factors through well-founded light planning.

Whether on the machine, on the assembly line, during assembly or in the office: A light that is tailored to the activities is indispensable for work in industrial companies. Studies from Finland show that employees prefer a stronger light at work than that which is required by law, although the prescribed illuminance would be sufficient for pure visual performance. The reason is that lighting has an impact on biological mechanisms in the human body. Stronger lighting increases well-being and promotes concentration. This in turn increases productivity and the increased attention reduces the error rate of employees. Another advantage of stronger lighting: the increased vigilance of employees leads to fewer accidents with serious consequences.

Supplement to Natural Daylight

In order to optimize the lighting in industrial companies, EOLED designs special lighting systems that are based on the needs of employees and scientific knowledge about the influence of light on the human body. It is also possible to add the new lights to the old lighting. EOLED stands for profitability and energy efficiency in everyday life. EOLED’s lighting concepts for industrial companies preserve and complement the natural daylight that penetrates the industrial halls and offices through the window fronts or the skylight, thus keeping costs and energy consumption low.

Outstanding Quality

In contrast to conventional energy-saving lamps, EOLED LED lights do not contain any harmful substances and have a long service life with low energy consumption. In addition, they hardly give off any heat. These properties make the lights an environmentally friendly and extremely suitable light source for industrial companies. EOLED regularly checks the quality of the lights and only uses high quality materials, which is why the lights are very low-maintenance. Due to the flexible application possibilities of the LED lights, EOLED is able to optimize the lighting in industrial companies across all areas; in the high factory halls, the workshops and the offices.

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Lighting Systems in Basketball Halls

Good illumination of the basketball court enables the athletes and spectators to follow the fast paced game. The EOLED lighting systems illuminate the court homogeneously and make the game an experience for the spectators.

As a fast ball game, basketball places high demands on the visual performance of the players. The lighting of the court must optimally support the eyes and not tire them prematurely due to changing lighting conditions. Uniform illumination of the hall is particularly important and helps ensure that the players keep an clear view over the whole court.

Versatile Lighting Needs

EOLED strives to offer athletes maximum comfort. For this purpose, EOLED develops specific lighting concepts for basketball courts, tailored to individual needs and local features. The lighting solutions do not cause glare and illuminate the playing field and the air space homogeneously with high-contrast light. Shadow effects are minimized through targeted alignment of the lights. The lighting systems from EOLED are also designed for games in front of spectators: Due to the large distance to the playing field, brighter lighting is required in the spectator tiers in order to be able to follow the action. With lighting systems from EOLED for basketball halls, this factor is included in the development as standard.

Lower Costs for Operators

The lighting solutions from EOLED are based on LED lights, which have the property of developing less surface heat. This is particularly advantageous in closed halls because it means that less cooling is required. In addition, LED lights hardly require any energy and have a long service life with little maintenance. For those who run a basketball hall, the costs are reduced many times over with an LED lighting system from EOLED.